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#67 | West Coast Catchup

On this special #Zoom podcast, I chat with one of the OG’s of my show; actor, producer & an old friend, Chris Levine. Being under quarantine it’s been tough for all of us but Chris is staying busy with handstands, video games, & editing is upcoming horror film, No Way Out.

We catch up on what we’ve been up to this year as we laugh for almost the entire show plus, doing what we do best, just being sarcastic & silly, join us won’t you.

If you haven’t already, do me a kindness by watching Chris’ recent film Anabolic Life. He spent a lot of time creating this movie and his passion for the project really comes out on screen. The movie is available on Amazon Prime or you can purchase the Blue-Ray/DVD today!

Follow Chris Levine on Twitter/Instagram: @OnlyChrisLevine

Visit to find the mobile app to listen or you can check out the full video on YouTube here…

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  1. […] an old friend and actor, Chris Levine on the show to catch up on his career and life in California (click here to view). On that episode, he persuaded me to bring him back for #100 since technically he was on of the […]

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