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Destination Wedding

First off, let me start this post by saying Thank You all for continuously keeping up with my posts and following along with this great story of my friends getting married in Cancun, Mexico. If this is your first time reading this however, please be sure to get caught up on the other ‘parts’ of this story – click below if you haven’t read from the beginning…

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Okay good. We’re all caught up now. Shall we continue….

As I’ve talked about in my previous blogs, the resort was first class all the way – so naturally when they’re hosting a wedding, they spare no expense. While the resort staff and wedding planner finish up the final touches right on the beach, the guests patiently await the arrival of the happy couple.

Meanwhile, myself and the other groomsman follow the soon-to-be married man down to the main resort pool, which right behind it is a gorgeous ocean view and that’s where they’re getting hitched! Surprisingly, he’s not as nervous as I know I’ll probably be on my wedding day, he’s maintaining his composure pretty well.

The other guys and I wave to our significant others in the crowds as we wait for the bride to walk down the isle. After we take a couple directions from the planner, I turn to Justin and notice he’s staring off into the distance with a big smile on his face…that was the face of excitement that he finally got to see his bride.

Emily starts walking down the isle as everyone gazed in astonishment, she looked beautiful. Music playing soft in the background, smiles everywhere and even people around the resort and pool stopped what they were doing to watch her head towards the beach. It was truly breathtaking. She gets to the gorgeous gazebo the resort put up to meet with Justin and you can tell from the look they gave each other, this was going to last forever.

With sand in everyone’s feet and tears of happiness on everyone’s faces, we were all ready to keep this party going! The champagne and tequila was flying and eventually shirts were unbuttoned! We had such a great time at his wedding and so many great memories. I just wish I could share every single moment with you, but I can’t 🙁

So I’ll do the next best thing, I made a quick video of a few shots from the ceremony and after party.

Thanks for tagging along with me for these three blogs! It really was an unforgettable experience and I’m so happy for Justin and Emily – love you guys!


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