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Being involved with the Vegan Community for almost 18 months, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some great people with tons of knowledge, but today was different. Today was a great experience because I went to my first Vegan Festival.

Don’t expect something like EDC or a Rock Festival, it’s probably what you would expect from a bunch “Vegans” and it was absolutely fantastic!

Image 8-19-18 at 9.21 AM

This was the Orlando Vegan Festival in MetroWest, with great sponsors and volunteers like So Fruitty, Heartfulness Mediation Center and so much more. Volunteer from Orange County and all over really put together a great event. I’ll be posting a full video on my YouTube channel as well as Podcast where we were able to get access to interview some great people, including Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Chef Sandi.

The entire event will filled with positivity, fun music, great food and of course everything was 100% Vegan. On top of all the businesses we ran into, the festival offered cooking classes for free, yoga teaching and even work out sessions – all included in a small $10 admission fee. Today, numerous businesses came together to spread knowledge, love and the pursuit of veganism, it was quite the adventure.

I recommend, even if you’re not vegan to track down a Vegan Festival so you can see how much fun one of these can be. I hope you enjoy my video and podcast, we really did have a great time here and look forward to more in the future. 

Thank you to the Orlando Vegan Festival for putting on a great festival and for having us, keep up the good work and hopefully we’ll see you soon!

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