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#38 | The Photo Game

I sit down with a dude I have a cool history with. He’s an up and coming photographer and video creator and we met through mutual friends. After seeing his work, I wanted Ben to capture some photos and video for my wedding last year, it turned out great and we’ve been in contact ever since. You can see some of his work by visiting his Instagram page and don’t forget to watch my wedding video to see some of his work too!

On this episode, we talk about how Ben got started, some of his goals and even tips for someone looking to get into The Photo Game.

For business inquires, feel free to email Ben at:

What did you guys like/dislike about his episode? To leave comment and see the full video of this (and all my episodes) visit my Podcast YouTube Channel

If you want to know what equipment we used for this episode, check out my KIT website to see my audio and video gear!

In this episode, we mentioned STI Fine Foods and use the code “theberardo” for a discount on some great Italian food, shipped right to your home!

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