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Sugar Sand Festival

Working in the beverage industry has it’s perks but this one was a ton of fun! Some of the organizers for the Annual Sugar Sand Festival reached out to me with a few ideas on how we could get involved with this years activities. We came up with a cool idea to partner up with the Cornhole Tournament right on the beach while offering complimentary samples of our new flavors.

The Cornhole Tournament fueled by Monster Energy!

Before you watch the video I filmed and edited below, you should really visit the official SUGAR SAND FESTIVAL website. I’ve never attended this event before and I got to tell you guys, it was one of the most creative and organized festival I’ve ever been to. It has everything from beach games, live music, food, drinks, large sandboxes for kids and of course the reason everyone comes, it has some of the best professional sand artist in the country. It’s a great time and absolute blast for the whole family.

Here’s a quick recap video of a few of the fun things to do during this 17 day festival. Be sure to check out the event next year, you won’t regret it!

We sampled some of our most popular flavors, including the NEW Ultra Paradise!

Special thanks to Lisa and Angela from the Sugar Sand Festival Team for letting us take part in this epic event, see you next year!

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