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For most of us, 2020 was a funky (& maybe a challenging) year

However, let’s not use that as an excuse to roll over & not focus on our future OR more importantly, let’s ensure we keep a positive mindset. I’ve created a few things that’s helped me since the pandemic started & I think you could use this as a ‘template’ then add some things that are beneficial to you specifically.

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  • Every morning, sometimes we want to grab our phone to see what’s going on, look at videos and cool photos, I get it.
  • Think we forget how damaging this could be. Hopefully you’ve rested throughout the night and maybe even had a great dream, then, you grab your phone in the morning, exposing your eyes to these bright lights immediately, then viewing all this negative news, friends vacationing on the beach, Instagram models with bikinis and all the other things that you can’t control.
  • Viewing these feeds, we might think to ourselves “I wish I did something else with my life” which MAY put you in a negative mindset, all before you even start your day.
  • Take control of your day by controlling what you consume not drowning yourself with other peoples lives.
  • Get up and grab some water, look outside, sit in silence, stretch or do something that will get your blood flowing in a positive way.


  • Writing with a pen and pad gets a bad rep but it’s very impactful. Having a phone sometimes I focus on using the “notes app.ā€ However, that gets you looking at a screen even more and as we know, could lead to you just hopping on ‘the gram.’
  • Using a notepad will allow you to physically focus on the tasks you need to accomplish these items while giving you less screen time.
  • My favorite part about writing out my a to-do list, is crossing off the tasks that I accomplished! I just love the feeling you get when you strike a line through something on paper, it’s different than deleting the words in your ‘notes app.’
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  • Whether you’re a paperback or audio book learning, we all could agree that reading more is a huge part of success and a way to grow knowledge on specific ideas and interests.
  • Hobbies could keep us sane, especially during our new pandemic lives, we should always look for ways to be occupied and become better people.
  • Remember, hobbies don’t have to be exercise, it could be scrapbooking, blogging, video documenting, reading, journaling or anything you enjoy doing.
  • Being uncomfortable and trying new things is a great way to grow mentally and phsycially.


  • I’ve been avoiding people that are mostly negative or tend to vent negatively about their lives. Reason being is we all have our problems and sharing with spouses/loved ones is one thing but when you constantly hear from friends (who vent to you), it might be overwhelming.
  • Think about it, if we spend more time focusing on our friends issues it won’t give us a clear perspective on our problems, which are the most important.
one of the first images taken while recording my show, subscribe to the podcast here.


  • Of course I’m bias because I have a podcast haha but I think finding one that challenges you and has a goal of making us better humans is extremely beneficial. Plus they’re great because you can listen to them anywhere, anytime.
  • If podcasts aren’t you thing, try music. There are some great studies out there stating fun, upbeat audio is an extremely powerful tool.
  • If you do want to check out the podcast, you can view The Berardo Podcast on YouTube or search for The Berardo Podcast on all podcast apps, new episodes weekly about health, wellness and good convos.


  • Super important! We’re talking a lot about mental health but physical health is just as important. We all know the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle but especially as the pandemic has shifted our way of working, we can’t be just sitting all day long.
  • After work, what do we like to do? Yep, Netflix, maybe eat food in between, then probably shower and bed, right lol.
  • Find time either 30 minutes a few times a week or do 10-15 min each day. Something simple at first like a bike ride, walking or running then gradually increase your activity.
  • It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. We stay active to live longer, not just to look good – although it’s a nice bonus šŸ˜‰
  • Follow experts in the field that share you POV and fitness goals, maybe join a Fitness Group or download a Fitness App to invite friends. I use MyFitnessPal and I have some followers that joined our #fitforfeb Facebook Group.
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  • Facebook, TikTok, IG, Twitter, YouTube and so much more are great phone apps and probably take up most of our phone consumption. There’s some great content to learn and connect with each other on but it could be very dangerous too.
  • For those who complain that social media is all negative, here’s a challenge: Don’t respond to your friends unless it’s about cute puppies. Only watch videos about cute puppies, post pictures about cute puppies. Do this for 30 days and guess what your social media feed will consist of? Cute puppies.
  • Of course I’m kidding but that’s how algorithm works, it takes what you love and only gives you that, constantly.
  • So if your social media app (FB, IG, etc) are all negative that means you’re probably consuming mostly negative content. Change that.
  • Cut ties with the folks (and things) that make your life stressful. Keeping your ‘news feeds’ on social media apps can drastically change your attitude and you could see a shift in your life quickly.


  • This past year in particular, some of us might be working from home a lot more (or permanently maybe). This might sound exciting but we forget that leaving the house and disconnecting from a desk/computer is an important part of being human. Find that balance everyday.
  • As humans, we need interaction and keeping your distance with folks is important with the pandemic but you can still get out and socialize with your community to disconnect. That said, even a lot of the vitamins and nutrients we need to help our immune system, we get from outside.
  • What I’ve learned during this pandemic this most is having a schedule and sticking to it is an easy way to stay sane and disciplined.
  • For example, if you’re married with kids, stick with a normal work schedule if you’re working from home. Don’t let family time get lost in that daily schedule, they’re more important than any job you’ll get.
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  • Numerous studies show that the food we intake can directly affect our emotions and a lot of chronic diseases. So if you intake unhealthy ingredients, how do you think you’ll feel – yep, unhealthy. This should be common sense but food is tasty, I get it just don’t let it dictate your health in a negative manner.
  • Furthermore, what we eat / how we feel could unintentionally affect our friends and family around us, that’s not fair to them.


  • We can go days without food and water but without sleep, that will drastically impact your cognitive function, reflexes, eyesight and so much more.
  • A consistent sleep schedule is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle and it gives our brain the rest it needs.
  • Our brain is the computer that powers our entire body, if we don’t take care of it, nothing will work properly and could leave to long-term side effects.
  • Sleep aids are never a good decision, in my opinion, even if a Doctor gives you a medication, it’s not worth the side effects. There are tons of healthy alternatives like CBD oil, Melatonin and functional mushrooms to help with sleep issues. Consult a physician if your condition worsens

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’m not a Doctor nor am I a “positivity expert” but I’ve learned a lot over my 35+ years on this planet, mainly because I wasted a lot of it being negative.

I’ve been working on creating content on this blog and my show, content that’s objective and i think very positive.

Sometimes I feel with the growth of social media we forget that the most important person in your life is YOU. Just be positive and DO YOU, everything else will work out.

(a photo from one of my previous podcast, around climate change and global warming).

I hope this (and all my) blog posts and podcasts helps someone out there and thank you for all the support and my followers, share with someone who needs a little motivation.

NOTE: If you’re struggling with a lot of abuse, negativity or depression, consult a health care physician or doctor immediately.

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