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We’re Engaged!

Right when I turned 30, I hit a very important time in my life. I realized I didn’t want to go out and get blackout drunk with me friends and have a revolving door of dates, anymore. So I decided to move out of the “downtown scene” and move a little farther away so I can focus on work and save up for a home.

Fortunately, without me ever meeting her – Brenda, this beautiful woman was on the other side of Orlando thinking the exact same thing.

We actually had a mutual friend, someone we both talked to occasionally and she was trying to set up Brenda and myself for awhile. Scheduling conflicts, drunken nights, blah blah blah, it never happened like we planned numerous times. Then a few months passed and this mutual friend was hosting a double date night with a few couples and guess who didn’t have a date lined up yet? Yes – Brenda! So you could say this was a blind date since we’ve only seen pics of each other prior to this.

The night was here. I quickly drive over to the restaurant to meet everyone, I’m sure she was nervous like I was but also excited that we finally get to meet each other.

Well, long story short I asked for her number at the end of the night and we’ve been inseparable ever since…

Fast forward; we’re coming close to our two year anniversary, so I wanted to propose on this day. I wanted it to be really special, something she wouldn’t expect and it needed to that tie into one great story.

So for our two year anniversary I to planned a great little getaway (with her help, that way she wasn’t suspicious of anything) and I had to be sure to capture it all on video so her family and friends can experience it too!

However, just like any engagement story – things never go according to the plan. Well, she did say YES and that was the main goal I guess haha. A few things went haywire, but it’s a great story and I was able to get all of it on video!

If you have some free time please visit my YouTube page to check out the story and video.

Thanks you for the time and enjoy!

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