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#1 | Social Distance Happy Hour

Here we are, almost a full month of being under isolation from the #covid19 pandemic and most of the states, including where I’m at have issued another recommended lockdown for another 30 days.

What does this mean besides me pulling my hair out and driving the wife crazy, this means no “in studio guests” ugh! So, to keep me sane and hopefully give you entertainment and value, I wanted to create a mini-series where I video chat with some friends and talk about anything and everything to try to keep us interacting with each other while #socialdistancing of course!

You can listen to the audio version wherever podcasts are available or check it out here:


Brenda Berardo

Jason Manchester

Gregg Shore

Tonya Mercure

Nicole Jimenez

This video was hosted by Zoom. You can join me and even do a podcast by searching for my profile via email:

You can see the full video chat on YouTube by clicking HERE or check out

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