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#62 | Quarantine Buddies

I finally get to sit down with the wife again but this time it’s kind of because we’re just stuck at home under quarantine. Well, not quarantine we’re just #socialdistancing, that’s the correct terminology we should be using, right?

On this podcast we talk about the state of this worldwide pandemic, COVID19 (Corona Virus), as we’re now over two weeks in quarantine we wanted to chat about how it’s effected us. We also spent some time talking about little things we’ve been doing during this time to be more productive while we’re at home and not being lazy.

If you haven’t heard the other episodes I’ve done with the wife, check out our “Married Life” podcasts:

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You can watch the entire episode on YouTube by CLICKING HERE or visiting

On this episode I mention our supporters of the podcast, Superfat. Visit and use the code BERARDO10 to receive a discount on their great nut butter and BRAND NEW line up of healthy cookies!

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