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#87 | Post Election 2020

It’s a strange time for sure. We seem to do this to ourselves every 4 years don’t we? Going back and forth from one ‘savory’ to the next, hoping things will be different as if this is a country that needs A LOT of fixing (compared to others).

What makes a country good or bad, the president or the people?

This podcast, I briefly rant about my thoughts of the political system in America and how we shouldn’t be so aggressive to trust in one political view vs the other. After all, don’t we control what happens in this country?

Disclaimer: This is not an episode of me preaching one specific political view, in fact I’m aiming to discuss the topic objectively. However, if you feel you’d like to discuss this topic further with me on the show, I’d be open to discussing – just shoot me a message via Twitter or email directly at

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