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#41 | The Podcast Basics

Even though I’m not even 50 episodes in, I learned a lot about how to start a podcast and the “basics” on how to get started. As I continuously get better, I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far with my listeners because you or someone you know could be starting a podcast but need a little advice. I also talk about what audio equipment I use but you can view all that by visiting my KIT website:

That said, I wouldn’t use this episode as the only research to start a podcast, I’m only telling you the first couple steps to show you how easy it is. I might do a follow-up episode and YouTube video on HOW TO start a podcast. So if you would get value out of that, send me a DM or comment on YouTube.

You can watch the full episode on my YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

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In this episode, I mention my friends over at STI FINE FOODS. If you’re interested in fresh Italian food, like pasta and sauces delivered straight to your doorsteps, visit their website: and you’ll get a discount by entering the code “theberardo” at checkout.

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