Sometimes my mouth moves too fast for my fingers, so I wanted to start a Podcast! 

I’ll discuss Health, Wellness, Relationships, Social Media and pretty much as much as I can fit into each episode. If you want to hear something or chat live on one of my upcoming episodes, send me a message.

To listen to my podcast on your apple device, you can just click here to go straight to my Podcast or you can check out one of my episodes below. I love to hear feedback, so if you have time leave me a review, enjoy.


Episode #1 | Poppin The Cherry

Episode #2 | Veganism!?

Episode #3 | Sleep Better

Episode #4 | Be Positive!

Episode #5 | My Best Man

Episode #6 | Why You’re Broke

Episode #7 | Juicing 101

Episode #8 | Married Life