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The Perfect PB&J

I’ve created a monster – a delicious, nutritious and very addicting monster of a sandwich. For a discount on SuperFat, scroll to the bottom of the post…

Growing up, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich was something you just had to have everyday at school. Well, unless you were allergic then you hated all the other kids and for that, I’m sorry. For the rest of us though, PB&J sandwiches were the sh!t.

As we get older, we realized it’s not best to put over 4 large spoonfuls of peanut butter to the face everyday, unless you really wanted a little type 2 diabetes before you hit 50 years old (of course I’m kidding, sorta because regular peanut butter is not good for you).

That’s why I’ve been using SuperFat for a few months now, it’s the pre-packaged vegan/keto friendly nut butter you can take anywhere. I’ve been using these as snacks but I also started experimenting with it to make cookies, add to my smoothies and now, replacing regular peanut butter to make the ultimate PB&J sandwich.

Note: I decided to NOT use jelly or jam, just mashed fresh blueberries as the “jam” and it was delicious. Of course you can use fresh strawberries or concord grapes instead!


  • 2 (two) 1.5 oz packets of SuperFat, any flavor
  • 3-4 grams of mixed fruit, for the jelly
  • 4 (four) slices of bread, I use gluten-free
  • This will make two PB&J sandwiches, so share with a friend!

I like to weigh out the fruit first, to make sure my ratio is good. Then I smashed the blueberries until the consistency was to my liking, I enjoy a chunky jam but if you prefer you can blend the fresh fruit or use a food processor. I love using fruit so you can get the nutrients we don’t from artificial preservatives like jam.

Next, squeeze out everything you can out of each SuperFat packet. Remember, knead the SuperFat to eat! You can even cut open the package if you want to, more the merrier right 😉

Of course, each person has there own method to spread ingredients on bread to complete the sandwich but I don’t think there’s necessarily a right or wrong and I don’t want to cause an online debate, so I won’t tell you my method haha.

That said, grab those slices of bread and combine these beautiful ingredients, remember the ingredients above are good enough to make two full PB&J sandwiches!

Note: Each sandwich (depending on what you use) will have roughly 25-30g of plant based (good fats), about 10g of protein and if you use fresh fruit, it’ll have no added sugar or artificial ingredients! Oh and it’s vegan.

If that’s not the PERFECT PB&J, I don’t know what is.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and I’d love to see photos of your finished products. You can email me them or send them via Instagram @theberardo

I’ve mentioned SuperFat many times on this blog and my podcast, The Berardo Podcast because it truly is a great product and not only is it certified vegan, keto and gluten free but it has no added sugar or wierd oils. It has “good fats” so you can eat these guys without feeling guilty!

For a discount on SuperFat, visit and after you load up the cart, use the code BERARDO10 for a discount, you won’t be disappointed.

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