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Not long after I proposed to these beautiful woman, we discussed how we didn’t want to do a ‘traditionally wedding,’ so in my mind I’m thinking we’re just going to the courthouse to spend a few hundred bucks and have our family as witnesses, right? Nope, she wasn’t thinking that non-traditional. Although, she did have a good idea to just invite our closest friends and family to a venue and not have everyone worry about driving from the ceremony to the reception, make it one single destination and make it quick so we can get to the good part. Dancing and booze!

Well, if you’ve planned a wedding before that’s easier said then done. The destination part we got right but turns out we have a lot of friends and family, we even had to cut it down and we still ended up with over 100 people.

But you can read all about that on my other post if you like: Wedding Planning.

The wedding ended up absolutely perfect. Just the right amount of people and surprisingly nothing went wrong, I’m told it normally does. A strong reason why it went so well I think was because we planned the day all ourselves, everything down to where the videography would stand. Yes, that sounds a little manic but it was worth it. Plus, we had a group of friends and family help us decorate to ensure everything went smooth.


The day before and even the day of I thought I would be nervous, I wasn’t. I was so confident and sure about it that I had no regret or hesitations. Even my groomsmen were worried why I wasn’t freaking out, asking me every 10mins “you good bro?”

Although, It was a little crazy when I was getting ready just hours before the wedding. I started thinking about what I’m going to say to people as I see them, what if I have to rearrange something or put out a fire when I get there. As I’m running through a bunch of scenarios in my head, I’m still surprisingly calm. I was ready, ready to put out fires and ready to marry the beautiful spirit.

I wish I could share every moment with each of you but honestly I only remember what was in photos and videos, it all happened so fast (like people told us it would) but it really was magical. I do remember a lot of the conversations I had with guests, my groomsmen speeches, our first dance but the one thing that wasn’t caught on photo (which we planned) was about an hour before we left when everyone was dancing on the floor… we decided to stand away from everyone and just look at the crowd. Admire the venue, the decorations, the people. We just took 3mins and really soaked it up, it was the best part of the night and I encourage you love birds out there to do the same if you get hitched.

Anyway, since I can’t share every second with on this blog – you know me, I made a video. I hope you enjoy and if you’re getting married sometime soon, I’d be more than happy to help with anything you may need, enjoy!

Click Here for our Wedding Video

Winter Park Farmers Market

Thanks for watching! Now go find your lobster!

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