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#74 | No Laughing Matter

Check out the full YouTube video below so you can see the posts/videos I’m references in this episode.

Even though I’m not directly impacted by racism each day, I strongly believe we can’t make change without helping each other. If your teammate falls down, you pick them up and walk them off the court.

On this deep episode, I discuss the challenges our country is facing but it’s important during this time each of stay objective. Not one person knows all the facts, in fact there’s only one thing we know for sure, we’re all human. We are on Team Human and it’s time we act accordingly it’s about time we act it.

I reference numerous videos and subjects that experts discuss which you can see everything on my YouTube video by CLICKING HERE but if I stated wrong info, please send me a DM on Instagram and Twitter as I’d like to learn the correct information. Stay safe friends.

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