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Night Nation Run!

I love working out in the gym, mainly weight training and sometimes I’ll toss in cardio, especially if it’s like boxing or the stair master but running as cardio? Nope, not for me!

So when I heard there was a marathon in Tampa, I wasn’t too thrilled. Until I heard that Reign Body Fuel was a sponsor and from all the videos I saw, it seems like a music festival with a little bit of running and drinking. Welp, now you’ve got my interest Night Nation!

The NNR is about a 3.5 mile run around various terrains like grass, dirt, concrete (no obstacle courses like Spartan races) and where we were at, we even ran through the Tampa Bay Bucs Stadium! In my opinion, the worse thing about a treadmill is that fact that you’re running in one spot so this it gets boring – this race is a great way to keep you engaged.

Here’s a little video you can check out and don’t forget to keep reading to see how the Night Nation Run plays out…

First, let’s talk about when you first show up for the race...

Gates open about 2 hours prior to the first ‘wave.’ They have waves all night so this way, not everyone is running at the same time.

When you check in at the gate, there’s different packages you could purchase – I believe you can only buy online prior to the day of. The first package usually staring at only $30-$40, not bad at all. We got the best of the best package, which includes a NNR bag with some cool light up swag, a shirt and a bunch of other goodies.

FYI, no digital cameras (GoPro’s okay) or book bags allowed. Pretty much fit things in a fanny pack or your pocket.

Then, you make you way into the main area – be sure to grab a complimentary Reign Total Body Fuel before you go in, you’ll need it 😉

The party has already started with a live DJ when you walk in! Most NNR will have vendors set up all over so you can sample some new things from each company like Under Armor and of course water is on the house during the event.

For you drinking pleasure they also have beer, wine and liquor available for purchase, which I recommend only AFTER you run.

Great thing about this event is you can participate as much (or as little) in everything as you want. So if you want to race you can, or just hang out by stage and dance/drink all night, you can do that too. IF you do want to race, it’ll be a blast! There’s no trophy or anything at the end just everyone has fun.

To keep things organized, they have waves for racers, usually starting around 7:30-8 (sundown). They start off by grouping everyone together and counting down to start the race off with a epic song as they blast music throughout the venue to keep you pumped up while you’re running, no headphones needed!

This particular race was in the Raymond James Stadium, so the track included running around the football stadium, inside it and outside in the grass. The best part was about every 1/2 mile there was something exciting to do, like a mini stage or selfie booth! It really keeps you active and engaged.

Once you hit the finish line you’re greeted by the main stage where everyone is partying, dancing and celebrating the victory!

If you haven’t done one of these already, I strongly recommend, it’s affordable, fun and nothing else like it.

If you haven’t already, check out the full video here on my YouTube channel. For more content, follow me on Instagram!

To book tickets visit and see if they’re coming to a city near you! Have fun!

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