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A New Fitness Routine

Unless this is your first time on my page, you know I was in the fitness industry for years and continue to keep working out as a part of my daily routine.. However, for the last few months, I found myself pretty bored with my workouts so I decided to change things up a bit.

When you head to the gym, you might be like me, you probably will be working out either Chest/Tricep, Back/Bicep or some type Leg day for each day you train (or some other similar variation).

So studies show that changing up how you workout doesn’t necessarily increase your results, however I still believe that switching things up keeps you more “excited,” therefore you’ll train more and be active all week long.

So about a month ago I decided to go back to my old fitness logs and try a workout called the (DC Training Program) Dogg Crapp Workout. Now, this workout is not for beginners, in fact a lot of body builders use this workout but cycle on and off of it so it gets pretty wild. I break this workout down briefly on my latest podcast also, check out Episode 50.

I didn’t stick to the program exactly this time, I did my own variation based off of my weekly schedule and goals but before I break it down, here’s the nuts and bolts of the DC Training Program:

  • GO HEAVY: For most people, lifting with low weight high reps is for muscle endurance. Increasing your weight load with less reps is key to building your strength and size. Note: we’re doing all these workouts in a controlled manner, not trying to max out.
  • REST PAUSE: This is new for a lot of us but the essentially this means you’ll take a quick 15-30 sec rest in between a set, then immediately do a few more reps with the same weight.
  • LOW & HIGH: The regular DC Training program uses one work set per body part, per workout. This is LOW reps (about 6-10 reps each set) at HIGH weight. You want to hit your failure 3 times within each set.
  • ONLY 2 WORKOUTS: Below is the two templates you’ll live off of from this workout. Try to change up the types of exercises every two weeks.
  • STRETCHING: This is key! After each muscle group, spend a couple minutes stretching out THAT particular muscle. Use a light DB or plate if you can to stretch. Click Here for some good stretching exercises if you don’t know.
  • PROGRESSION: This training while intense is great to increasing strength. I recommend bringing a notebook or tracking the weight your lifting so every 2 weeks (each rotation) you’ll be able to increase your weight.

WORKOUT #1 (in order):

Chest | Shoulders | Triceps | Back width | Back thickness

  • CHEST: Incline Bench Press, Decline DB Press, Incline DB Press
  • SHOULDERS: Standing Military Press, Smith Machine Press, DB Press
  • TRICEPS: Reverse Wide Grip Smith Machine Press, Close Grip Smith Machine Press, Weighted Dips
  • BACK WIDTH: Pull Up, Chin Up, Lat Pull Down
  • BACK THICKNESS: Deadlift, Bent Over Barbell Rows, Rack Pull

WORKOUT #2 (in order):

Biceps | Forearms | Calves | Hamstrings | Quads

  • BICEPS: Barbell Curls, DB Alternating Curls, Cable Curls
  • FOREARMS: Reverse Barbell Curls, Hammer Curls, Reverse Grip Arm Curls
  • CALVES: Seated Calf Raises, Standing Raises, Leg Press Calf Raises
  • HAMSTRINGS: Romanian Deadlifts, Leg Curls, Glute-Ham Raises
  • QUADS: Back Squat, Leg Press, Front Squat

You can read the full workout of the DC Training Program HERE but how I did this workout was a little less complicated. I did the above workout for two weeks then I changed up each exercise to a different variation of that movement. For example, if it called for dumbbells (DB) I would do that exercise for 2 weeks, then switch to a machine workout of that same exercise. If it called for Barbells, I would do that for 2 weeks then switch to DB and so on.

Here’s an example of how I would train for the week. For off days I might do cardio boxing, abs and/or yoga.

MONDAY – Workout #1


WEDNESDAY – Workout #2


FRIDAY – Workout #1


SUNDAY – Workout #2

Then of course, I would start a new week with Workout #1 on Tuesday this time. So as you can see every week is different which I loved because it kept me disciplined and accountable to show up and go hard everyday because I don’t want to “mess up the cycle” of the workout routine.

I hope some of you will try this workout and as much as I’d like to take credit for it I can’t, there’s numerous sites that have this workout posted but from what I remember the originator of the DC Training Program was Dante Trudel, it’s a straight forward way to train with a focus on gaining muscle and strength.

Give this a shot and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading and if you want to listen to the podcast I did on me changing my workouts where I started including boxing and yoga, you can listen to it HERE.

Comments are encouraged ;)

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