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Bought The New iMac!

About 8 years ago, I switched from Android devices to Apple and I haven’t looked back, I doubt I’ll ever leave.

Ugh, I told myself I wouldn’t be ‘one of those guys’ but I am now.

Over these years, I’ve only upgraded a few times on the iPhone and purchased one iMac (All In One) about 3 years ago. So I’m not a crazy geek with Apple but as my podcast and videos have grown, having the best software is key.

I’ve realized little things like editing and using Airdrop from one device to the other, mainly to share on social media, ONLY Apple does this right.

The past year, I’ve become more and more aggressive with photography, creating videos and going live streaming with the podcast, my 2017 iMac wasn’t doing the job.

I plan to grow my show to new heights and I’m excited to start with this gorgeous piece of machinery. The studio is now (pretty much complete)! You can check out my full set up and gear on my KIT website.

I decided to pull the trigger for this thing by watching some reviews on YouTube (see below), give them a look if you’re interested in the upgrade!

‘Unboxing & Review” –

“New 2020 5K iMac” –

If you got a few minutes, check out the video below. I put this together where I “donated” the old iMac to my wife and I put together this new guy and it’s exactly what I needed!

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