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Mex it Up! (part two)

Welcome Back! In part one I talked about our “airport adventure” but now we’ll get to the good stuff! This is where we head to Cancun and really “Mex it up!”

Lets skip the boring stuff like us waiting for hours at the gate with our phones plugged in the whole time and lets jump right into our seats. For our flights we decided to go with United Airlines, yes I know about that video that was floating around for a while back in April. Honestly though, I even told Brenda to have her phone ready always, waiting to record me if something went down with a flight attendant. I was hoping one of them would do something crazy to me at some point, that means free flights for us! Or I might have just settled for a few thousand bucks like these other ‘airline victims.’ Isn’t funny how we feel about these airlines, we may hate them one minute, but no matter what happens on these flights, we’ll always go back to them. Not because we like them, it’s only because when push comes to shove (no pun intended) we always want the best deal on a flight and we’ll fly with any airline if it’s a good deal. Because let’s be real, there’s no way in hell were driving our cars anywhere far nowadays, we need to be get to our destination fast and cheap. Even if that means getting kicked off an airplane every now and then.

But, since nothing exciting like that happened to us, like getting kicked off a plane, we’ll just fast forward to us landing in Cancun…

The only other time I’ve been to Mexico was by sea, on a cruise ship. So, this trip gave me my first encounter with the Mexican Airport. Which by the way, if you haven’t been to a there before, it’s pretty interesting…and creepy. Imagine a massive two-mile-long tunnel that feels like there’s no “light at the end” of it and no one speaks English. Also, while you travel down this bright abyss there’s a gauntlet of solicitors that feels like they’re seconds away from pulling you in a white van and take you to god only knows where. As you could imagine, we didn’t really stop to ask any questions – even though we had no idea where to find our hotel shuttle, but we definitely didn’t want to be in the next Liam Neeson movie. We just walked as fast as we could with our heads down, hoping we’d find our shuttle. We were extra nervous because when we booked our resort package, they even said to make sure we find the vans that have the logo of the resort, along with the name of the Vacation company we booked through – apparently there’s a lot of scams out there. After about 15 minutes we finally found the correct employees at the end of this tunnel, we checked in with the guy in a flowered shirt, gave him our bags and we quickly jumped in the shuttle, super hyped to get to the resort!

After a long, bumpy, very sketchy hour-long ride through the city we finally can see the resort in the distance. It’s interesting how they have these things resorts set up. If you haven’t been overseas, these places must attempt to hide their resorts “off the main roads” to keep locals coming in. Some resorts we saw, including ours, had barbed wire and huge walls around the whole property. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I’m glad they’re taking the extra precaution. But we pull up to the security gate, we forgot about everything else that happened; the airport security check, the long ride here, the layovers, the massive walls, nothing else mattered. This place was perfect. As we get out of the shuttle in disbelief, multiple resort concierge greets you with champagne, water and even cold towels for your neck. The check in counter was full of smiles and everyone was anxious to help, each one speaking multiple languages, excited and ready to speak with anyone that comes in. We quickly show our passports to one gentleman working and grab our room keys, the front desk employees point to our left in sync and say, “we recommend you begin your trip over there.”

So of course, with our bags on the way up to our room, our minds and hands empty of any worries we “head over there” exactly where they pointed. Wouldn’t you know it, it was just what we needed after a long day of traveling.

They were talking about “The Gin Bar,” no less than 30 feet away from the front desk, we begin to make our way over. The second we walked in to the double glass doors we collapse in laughter…to our surprise there they were, the bride and groom! They’re just standing at the bar entertaining other guests and having a blast, they’ve been at the resort partying all day. Seeing them when we first walked in was even more assurance we were going to have a great time this week.

At this point, it has been a very long day, we haven’t even seen our room yet, should we grab a beer and just hang out at the bar for a sec? That’s what kept running through my mind as Justin was taking me around attempting to introduce me to everyone. After we made our rounds, I responded to myself and said out loud, “I’m not going to get a beer…I’ll take two Mojitos!” Boom, we’re starting this vacation the right way! Even though it was close to midnight, I handed one of the drinks to Brenda and said, “let’s do this babe!” Of course, she hesitated for only a brief second, as did I – but then she grabbed it and starting jugging. That’s my girl!

It truly was a great time that night, what a good start to the trip. The bar was beautiful inside and out, full of color and people. It really did feel like something out of a magazine, you don’t see this type of bar every day. As much fun as we were having, after a few drinks with the bride and groom, Brenda and I looked at each other thinking the same thing. we both had the same thought, “maybe we should go check out the room.” Since we haven’t even seen it yet, we wanted to at least get settled in first then we’ll come back for drinks. Or at least we told ourselves we’d be back. Anyone that’s been in this situation before knows, you never end up coming back. I think we wanted to go back to the bar that night, but once we saw this room we couldn’t leave. It too, was perfect. Big open space, tile floors, huge his/her bathroom but our favorite part was the balcony we had. This was almost a full wrap around balcony looking over one of many of the many pools and in the distance, was one of four swim up bars they had. So naturally we start talking about out what we’re going to be drinking at the pool all week.

The night view was just as good, clear skies, a slight breeze and the full moon hitting the clear water made this resort even better. So much in fact we never made it back down to the bar, even you haven’t guessed that already. We decided to call it a night and get a jump start on things nice and early – or whenever we decided to get up.

Unfortunately, I have this little problem. I don’t know the technically term for it, but it’s insomnia with a dash of ADHD so my brain won’t shut down at all, not even when I sleep. So, as per usual I woke up before 6am. It worked out well though, I wanted Brenda to sleep in a little bit since we had such a big day planned that day. On a positive, I was up early enough to order us some room service. I ordered one of our favorites, pancakes! Plus, since the food is even included with our package, I may have ordered a couple more things. Only eggs benedict, fruit, scrambled eggs with cheese, two bagels, wheat toast, spinach omelette, home fries, a pot of coffee and some orange juice. What? It’s was a cheat meal, or cheat week, depending on how much of this you read.

hotel room1.jpg
This was our routine every morning. Coffee and breakfast delivered to our room, while we people watched on the balcony.

Wow, what a meal it was though and yes, we ate it all. With the sun rising right when we got our food we decided to grab our robes and eat outside instead of at the big table in our room. Such a great morning and as much as we wanted to be here all day eating, then take a nap and drink some more – we had a big day planned full of activities! We had to be downstairs in the lobby in a couple hours, so we packed a bag, tossed on some swim gear and got ready for an adventure of a lifetime. We pre-paid and booked a private tour with the wedding party to the Tulum Ruins! Cliff jumping, zip lining, kayaking and swimming through keynotes all around the area. We were super excited to officially begin our journey to see the sights, maybe have a few screams and tons of laughs. I’m not that good at writing to give this adventure justice, so I took the liberty on creating a quick video to paint the picture for you a little easier. It’s posted on my YouTube channel and is only couple minutes. I also have some other videos up there you can view from our other trips. Click here to view a short video of our Tulum Excursion in Playa Del Carmen on my YouTube page. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel – its free! ENJOY!

This is one of many photos that are included in the package when you book a private tour through KayTours!

PS – I just want to give a quick shout out to KayTours for helping us out with this great excursion. To my knowledge, I believe they’re company tours all over, not just in Cancun. If you ever do a tour you need to book through them, they have 100% private tours in which they really go above and beyond. They supplied beer, water, food and photography for us all day plus if you forgot something like sunscreen or bandages, they have all the essentials you need too!

2017-06-14 15.06.50.jpg
This is just one out of the three ziplining spots we visited during our excursion, awesome time!

Check out their website to find a tour near you. Thanks again @KayTours!

2017-06-14 15.07.21.jpg

Okay gang, we are at the end of another blog and I realize we haven’t even talked about the actual wedding yet. There’s just so much to talk about during this trip!I guess that means you should come back next week when I post my final blog on our trip to Mexico!

As always, thanks for reading The Ynot Blog. Have a good week!

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