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#47 | Life Is Too Funny

I sit down with an old friend and aspiring comedian, Chris Morgan. This episode, which was my longest one so far, was also probably one of my best. We talked about his rough past, religious and political ideologies and of course his new passion for stand up comedy.

There’s a reason why it’s my longest podcast, lots of good info in this one. Had an absolute blast with this, I hope you guys enjoy it too.

You can watch the full episode on YouTube by clicking HERE. Leave a comment and review, tell us what you think.

Chris on Instagram: @morgantheadequate

Tony on Instagram: @theberardo

8:13 – Drugs
17:10 – Our Origin Story
19:38 – Starting Stand Up
33:57 – Movies
46:58 – Socia Media
51:25 – Political Views
1:02:25 – Banning
1:20:07 – Living in FL
1:31:32 – Single/Married
1:42:42 – Depression
1:50:50 – Talking Stand Up
2:10:30 – Religion
2:27:15 – Staying Active

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