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I’ve just started juicing recently and I’m loving the benefits of it so far. I wanted to share this post since it was tough to get an exact answer from everyone (and videos on YouTube) of the pros and cons of juicing. So, I figured I’d give you my own personal cliff notes on the subject. 

As a beginner “juicer” I recommend not going big when purchasing your first machine. It is important to get a good one so you’re not wasting juice, so after reading reviews and doing research I went with a slightly older model of a Breville Juicer, I fully recommend.



  • This is the process of extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables into a vitamin rich concentrate without losing any nutrients.
  • Only can be done in a juicer, this process can’t be done with most traditional blenders.
  • The juicing process will also eliminate the fiber from the fruits/veggies which will allow your body to intake more than if you were to eat them whole. This is why after you have 16-20oz of a fruit smoothie you feel full, blending doesn’t eliminate fiber just juicing does. Fiber is important but don’t worry we get plenty of it from other foods throughout the day.
  • Juicing is a healthy way to intake a large amount of nutrients which will go straight into the bloodstream and skip the long digestive process that happens when we eat fruit/veggies whole.
  • Juicing is not a meal replacement, it’s simply a different way to eat fruits and vegetables.


  • Allows for quicker digestion but will help you keep all the nutrients.
  • Gives your intestines a much needed break, after all you have been eating your entire life. Breaks are awesome!
  • Vegetables suck. Juicing allows you to add a little sweet fruit to make them taste great. Remember, allows have more veggies than fruits (fruits do have sugar).
  • Kids love juicing, which is better than Sunny-D or Hi-C.


  • Statistically, early in the morning before a meal or coffee has been proven to be the best time to juice. Reason being, the body is craving nutrients right when you get up in the morning and without a “full stomach” it’s a great time to feed, this will also aid in digestion throughout the day.
  • But really, ANYTIME is a good time to juice!


  • Get creative! Pretty much anything can be juiced (don’t take that literal) but you have to find the right combo. Check out my YouTube channel for some good recipes and tips (link below).
  • I like to stick to the color spectrum. Meaning yellow/orange together, red/darker together and so on.
  • Example: Orange, Carrot, Pear, Ginger
  • Example: Strawberries, Beets, Kale, Tomato 
  • Endless amounts of videos and blogs out there to choose from, but please visit my YouTube channel to see some recipes and videos to help get you started on your healthier lifestyle.


  • Well, everyone asked me this since I’m vegetarian and the short answer is…that’s a stupid question. There’s a ton of protein in vegetables, look at animals for example. Gorillas, Rhinos, Elephants they’re some of the strongest herbivores in the world. Sure, you don’t get as much protein from kale as a piece chicken but you’ll just have to eat more of it. Oh and as a bonus, you’re not harming any living things by eating veggies. But that was my short answer, that topic has its own blog post 😉


  • Don’t waste it! You can make a ton of delicious recipes from all those leftovers.
  • There’s some great videos I’m sure you can look up but just a few examples I’ve personally made out of the pulp are: Salsa, Seasonings and Soup


  • Depending on where you purchase your fruits/veggies, be sure to wash them throughly. Since you’re juicing, everything that’s on that piece of fruit and vegetable will go in that glass so take your time rinsing.
  • I recommend soaking in water and apple cider vinegar for 10-15 minutes then rinsing thoroughly.

Welp, that’s all I got for you team. Just a quick JUICING 101 pep talk with you. Hope you enjoy it and will try juicing, it really is great. Like anything you have to get use to it but if it’s easier I made a short video on getting started; what to use, how to use a juicer, etc. Check it out on my channel by clicking here. 

Thanks for the time guys and make the most of your day!


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