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The moment I’ve been waiting for, NO not my marriage. The honeymoon!

Come on, if your married you know the wedding is great, it’s magical and beautiful but the honeymoon is the vacation of vacations! It’s the first of many celebrations to bring your spouse on an exciting trip at the same time, you’re able to rub it in the face of everyone you see, “We’re on our honeymoon!” 

Well, ours was no different, we had a blast and we told everyone it was on our honeymoon. When picking a spot, it was a challenge since we’ve been to a lot of different places together already. At first we wanted to do Greece or Italy but if you’ve looked at trips over there, the flights are what’s killer coming from the US. Also, we really wanted an all-inclusive trip so we wouldn’t have to worry about spending money everyday and we couldn’t find those overseas.

So after months of searching reviews and pictures, we landed on beautiful Costa Rica! Neither of us have been there before but have heard some great things. Since we were taking the honeymoon in June, we needed it to be a tropical destination, have cool excursions and be close to beaches – Costa Rica just seemed like a good fit.

You can see our full vacation HERE via YouTube. In the video I even highlight the details of our trip, which will give you tips on where to go if you decide to visit.

For the hotel, we chose a Hilton property. There’s only one in the Central Pacific that was all-inclusive so we got really lucky that I’m a Diamond Member, cause we were treated really well. It was incredible, we even brought our Yeti cups and they continuously filled them up with our favorite cocktails (drinks included free) all day. They walk around with fresh fruit, had 5 star restaurants on property, it was unreal. We highly recommend the Double Tree in Costa Rica.

Excursions were fantastic! They had a great company on site call Arena Tours which we did everything with. Since the office was located on the resort, we just booked the day before and everything else was taken care of. We did zip lining, private tours with wild monkeys, snorkeling, kayaking and even a private ride to Tortuga Island! Check out our video to see all the great memories we captured.

Photo taken right before our send off, in Winter Park, Florida.

Well, hopefully I gave you some ideas for your next vacation or if you have a honeymoon coming up, maybe you’ll follow our vacation so you don’t have to search anymore but either way congrats and enjoy. 

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