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#73 | We’re Growing Up

This is more of a sarcastic title as I chat with an old friend Bobby Hicks. We absolutely haven’t grown up haha, but we’re getting there. I was lucky enough to be a guest on Bobby’s Instagram LIVE last week and it was so good, I decided to share it with all as a podcast.

On this episode, we chat about everything from film, podcasting, to working out and even my long battle with Crohn’s. I think you’ll enjoy this as much as we liked talking about. Can’t wait to have him on the podcast again, what do you guys think?

Bobby has been a true inspiration when it comes to film making, lighting and photography, so if you want to learn some new tips or could use a professional like him, check out his company Fellow Flim Productions and visit his instagram at to learn more.

Watch the IGTV video we did LIVE by see his Instagram handle, @thisfellow. Or watch the YouTube video below of our conversation over the phone…

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