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#72 | Going Local

This episode, I chat with friend and Orlando Restaurant Owner, Zach Scray. Zach has been in the restaurant/bar industry for over 10 years him and his team are thinking of innovative ways to drive traffic and stay relevant during this weird time in our society.

We discuss the effects of going to local business during this pandemic and how important it could be for our community.

If you’re in the Central Florida area, support Zach and his local businesses, you won’t be disappointed with the great food and service his spots offer:

GNARLEY BARLEY – Orlando, FL (IG: @gnarly_barley407)

GBs BOTTLE SHOP – Orlando, FL (IG: @gbbottleshop)

CONRAD’S SHANTY – Orlando, FL (IG: @conrads_shanty)

Check out the full episode on or watch the full Zoom video below…

In the beginning of this episode we talk about the first (of two) drunken podcasts we did together about a year ago, during Gasparilla. Oh how we’ve grown up since then, sorta. Warning: I was a rookie podcaster in those past episodes so go easy on me in the comments. CLICK HERE to listen.

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