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#32 | Get More Organized

We’re almost into a full month of 2019 and after I had a few speed bumps these last couple weeks, I realized I would’ve lost some momentum if I wasn’t organized with my goals, thankful I was. So I wanted to take some time on this episode to give a little insight on why it’s important to be more organized throughout the entire day (week, month, year) and in every aspect of your life, down to cleaning your closet. I believe these are steps in the right direction to accomplishing your goals throughout the year and a great way to stay positive every single day.

As you listen to this episode, I talk a lot about Fit For February, this is the competition I put together for my listeners #fitforfeb. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m giving out some cool prizes for the winners, click here to join the Facebook group for free. Or check out my original blog post for details.

Start the new year off right by trying STI Fine Foods, a great Italian food company that will beat out almost any chain Italian restaurant you’ve tried! They fresh ingredients and even healthy options, like vegan and gluten free foods. Visit their website and load up the cart with pasta, sauces and spreads, then use the code “theberardo” to get a great discount!

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