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#107 | Geeks & Movies

JUSTICE LEAGUE SPOILERS IN THIS EPISODE! Something that started off as a little hashtag on Twitter, became a worldwide initiative to get Zack Snyder’s Justice League on big screen #releasethesnydercut! Thank goodness, HBO Max stepped up to give him and the fans what was needed!

The movie is now streaming on HBO Max and since this was such a satisfying and beautiful piece of work, I needed to review it with someone who knows all the details around this film. This episode, I chat with Tyrone Magnus, actor and YouTuber who was one of the pioneers to help jumpstart the #SnyderCut movement plus he even had the opportunity to interview Zach Snyder himself!

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This podcast, we don’t just talk about Justice League we also give our take on what this DC Universe could be while breaking down a couple other movies, it’s super geeky sh!t so be prepared. Remember, SPOILERS IN THIS PODCAST! Don’t forget to follow Tyrone on YouTube here and check out this episode on all podcast platforms or watch the episode on YouTube below…

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