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#33 | Gasparilla Pre-Game

Even when I didn’t live in Tampa, I always made my way to the Annual Gasparilla Festival. The history is really interesting and it’s a big reason why the Tampa area, including the football team, are so involved with the pirate culture. Fortunately, I now only live about five blocks from the start of the parade so I wanted to invite some friends over to enjoy the festivities with us.

On this episode (1 of 2), I sit down with three great dudes to talk about the history of Gasparilla, our history and then as the drinks started flowing, things took a sharp turn down the conversational road, in a fun way! It was a pleasure having these guys over. Show them some love by checking out their Instagram here: Zach, Shane and Nathyn

Also, don’t forget to check out the full video of this and all my other podcast episodes on my YouTube Channel.

Be sure to listen to the second episode of this weekend which was immediately following our Gasparilla activities.

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