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#125 | Free Water For Everyone

You read that right, this is the goal for one educated entrepreneur. Meet, JOSH CLIFFORD. Josh and his wife spend their savings building an amazing model to help get us one step closer to a “free market society” while reducing the plastic pollution across our planet.

It might sound crazy but with a few simple steps Josh explains on this episode how easy it can be. His company has made the first FREE WATER bottle which benefits us (the consumer), distributors and businesses. Oh and the best part, each beverage sold will even donate a 10 cents to charity helping build wells for communities in need of fresh water!

Take a listen for all the details! Episode out now everywhere on podcast apps and subscribe on YouTube to watch every episode.

If you want to know more about Josh’s company, follow him on Instagram and TikTok @freewater_for_everyone or check out his website here

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