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One of my first jobs was in the fitness industry, I was instantly hooked. I started in sales, then eventually gravitated to Personal Training. I’ve spent many years using different workout routines that I learned as a trainer, but lately I’ve been gather workouts from other fitness professionals and adding my own “YNOT” spice to it.

Here’s just a few workouts to give you an idea of what my videos are all about Follow my YouTube channel to get all the latest updates. Leave a review 🙂

UPPER BODY Workout – this workout uses a “circuit-like” routine to continuously keep your heat rate elevated as well as keeping reps low so you can gain muscle endurance.

LOWER BODY Workout – similar to the upper body workout this is just four exercises but works on core strength and the largest / most important muscle group – your legs.

BACK Workout – simple, easy and effective. This is a great workout using mostly machines but we tossed in some great supersets to increase the heart rate.

CHEST/SHOULDERS – two of my favorite muscle groups. Since you’re training both this muscle groups simultaneously for the entire workout, this one is pretty intense.

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