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Fit For Feb 2021

It’s been a wild 12 months hasn’t it folks and it doesn’t seem like things are looking up around the world anytime soon. Fear not, because this year we’re changing our mindset!

Let’s focus on NOT losing our attitude with things we CAN’T control. Those negative things on social media you see, that idiot in your comment section, your friend that’s making all those bad decisions, etc etc.

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In February (each year) I make a point to set goals for myself to show that I’m in control and I can be a better human. I’d love for you to join me this February to reach your fitness goals…

Follow the #FitForFeb Facebook Group Page for more updates and to be involved. Or you can read a quick breakdown below…


  • Lose/Maintain Weight
  • Gain Muscle
  • Eat Healthier
  • Consume Less Sugar
  • No Bread / Low Carbs
  • Zero Alcohol
  • Don’t be a baby, it’s only 28 Days!


  • Use the Facebook Group to post before / after goals
  • Have a step-tracker for daily use (Apple Watch, FitBit, Phone App, etc)
  • Minimum of 10K Steps per day to qualify for points
  • Share your daily results on Facebook Group
  • Use the hashtag #FitForFeb and tag @theberardopodcast
  • Zero Alcohol for the month, honor system. Don’t cheat!
  • We’ll be selecting a few winners at the end to give out prizes!

In order to be involved, simple follow @theberardo & @theberardopodcast on social media and use the hashtag #fitforfeb!

Hopefully I’ll see you all March 1st at your goal weight and each of us will be just a little more healthier.

All love 😉

Comments are encouraged ;)

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