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The First Step

As I’ve talked about in past podcast and blog episodes, for about 4 years I’ve been dealing with a chronic disease known as Crohn’s. Millions suffer from various versions of this and as there’s no cure, it’s different for each person.

For me, if I have a “flare up” or episode it normally puts me in the hospital as my intestines become inflamed which creates an infection causing a fever and multiple other aggressive symptoms.

I’ve been quiet on social media as I get my heath back in order, which I’m finally getting some strength back. Normally for recovery I can’t eat or drink and need to be put on an IV to stay hydrated. Then to recovery, I have only eat a liquid diet and low fiber as I slowly build back a tolerance for food. So it’s quite a long and annoying process…

Don’t worry, some podcasts will be coming up soon. I got a lot to discuss lol.

However, after all these years battling this dumbass chronic disease (which is more stubborn than me), I think I’m starting to realize that this thing is completely out of my hands. I can’t control this disease.
And if you know me…that’s a hard pill for me to swallow. This last episode really got me thinking that realizing its out of my control is the first step in the right direction to “dealing with it.”

I’ve always lived my life going a million miles a minute, doing as much as I can, doubling down on the things I love to do because I just love doing cool shit. However, this disease won’t allow me to do that. I can’t stress myself out and continuously be going 100% all the time. I have to train less, eat less and just calm the f$ck down.

As my wife always says, “Tony, you can’t be GOOD at everything.” Which by the way, I still strongly disagree with lol – but she’s got a point.

Thanks for all the thoughts and love while I was out. Time to get back to work, but slowly 😉

If you know anyone dealing with Crohn’s or similar symptoms, I’d love to hear from them. Have them shoot me an email or leave a message below.

Comments are encouraged ;)

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