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My First Post | Poppin The Cherry!

For as long as I remember, I’ve carried a notebook, sketch pad and more recently an iPhone with me everywhere I go. Each one had their own specific duty of course, none more important than the next but each one beneficial to my daily existence. Top priority for me was to have a notebook (and pen) with me at all times, I even have one on my nightstand while I sleep. I think that stems from when I was in my teens and one of my teachers suggested we have a notebook with us everywhere we go so we can always learn from other people. Secondly, I have my sketch pad – now this was for my creative thinking process. I mainly used this to draw my favorite cartoons, people I saw or sometimes sketch out ideas when they come to me. The last thing I always have on me is the ever-so addicting iPhone, think we’re all guilty of this one. Of course just within the last 5-10 years the smartphone has really blossomed into an incredible device, in which we use it for…well, everything. Just recently matter of fact I’ve been really using the NOTES sections more and more, ironic really. Now, since I just passed my 32nd year of being on this gorgeous rock, I really started to think that I haven’t been as creative on my phone as I was years ago with my note book and sketch pad and I wanted to do something about it…

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That is why as of today, June 12th 2017 I’m officially “popping my blog cherry!”

You’re probably wondering, what can you expect from each of my blogs? Well lets see, for many years my profession was a Personal Trainer so have always had a huge passion for Fitness and Nutrition, you’ll see a lot of that. Second to that I’ll be sharing some simple thoughts and opinions on day-to-day stuff related to numerous things I find interesting. I also Travel a lot both for work and personal so we’ll discuss the people I run into and the different places I go. While back home I may even post the occasional healthy homemade food for you and the #fitfam to make together. Either way, I’ll be sure its just as good for you as it is for me!

So join me on this little digital “Journal Journey” and lets all learn a little something with each other!

Comments are encouraged ;)

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