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February Competition

Even though it’s a few months away, it’s always good to be prepared.

Below is the breakdown for the upcoming Fit For February but if you’d like some more details on this, listen to my latest episode. Click Here for the episode.


  • Lose/Maintain Weight
  • Gain Muscle
  • Eat Healthier
  • Consume Less Sugar
  • No Bread / Low Carbs
  • Zero Alcohol
  • Don’t be a baby, it’s only 28 Days!


  • Write down starting weight & goal
  • Use Step Tracker (FitBit, Polar, Phone App, etc)
  • Minimum of 10K Steps per day to qualify
  • Most points at the end of the month will win (details below)!
  • Share your daily results on Instagram/Twitter
  • Use the hashtag #FitForFeb and tag @theberardopodcast
  • Sharing these results, we’ll be tracking everyone’s progress and adding points. If you don’t share we can’t track your results.
  • Zero Alcohol for the month, honor system. Don’t cheat!

POINT SYSTEM (Must be able to show proof of monthly recap):

  • 1lbs lost = 5 points (per pound lost)
  • 5lbs lost = 10 points (per 5 pounds lost)
  • Over 10K steps/day = 5 points (ex: 280K steps/mth is 140 points)
  • Over 20K steps/day = 10 points (ex: 560K steps/mth is 280 points)
  • Person with the most points in 28 days is the winner!


  • 1st place gets a FREE Tumbler! Click Here to see (over $30 value)
  • 2nd place gets a $10 gas gift card!

In order to be involved, simple follow @theberardo & @theberardopodcast on Instagram/Facebook or Twitter.  Send a message or email saying “count me in for #FitForFeb!”

Hopefully I’ll see you all March 1st at your goal weight and each of us will be just a little more healthier. 


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