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#100 | Episode One Hundred!

Whoa! What a milestone for the podcast, 100 episodes! It’s all thanks to each of you. If you remember a few months back, I had on an old friend and actor, Chris Levine on the show to catch up on his career and life in California (click here to view). On that episode, he persuaded me to bring him back for #100 since technically he was on of the first ever shows I did on YouTube.

Now, I haven’t had him on the show in awhile so I wanted to hear about what’s been going on in the West Coast with the pandemic and his movie career. During the show we watch a clip of his new film coming out that I can’t wait to see, The Handler. We also talk about other trending films, streaming services and just catch up a bit. Always a blast talking to him and this show might be better on YouTube? You can see the full video below:

On this episode I mention Golden Ratio, my new favorite coffee. Whether it’s in the morning or a mid-day pick me up, it’s the coffee that loves you back. 5X less acidic than regular coffee with all the caffeine. Check out and use the code THEBERARDO for 20% off your order!

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