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#42 | Earth Day Every Day

Since Earth Day just passed, it got me thinking about this next episode. What’s been going on with our planet? If you’re like me you probably just live your life not thinking too much about the 3rd rock from the Sun but it’s literally the most important thing in our lives.

When you just sit back and think about what are planet IS and how precious it is, nothing else really matters. So why aren’t we as passionate about this as we are researching funny videos on YouTube?

In this episode I lay out a couple quick tips on how each of us can make a difference and hopefully help our planet thrive. Do your own research and do what you can to spread the word to help OUR world.

In this episode I mention my upcoming podcast with The Volo Foundation, which is a group of locals that started the organization in 2014 in order to help educate the youth of the world. Check out their Instagram and website for more information.

You can see this episode and all my other videos on my YouTube Channel

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