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Building A Backyard!

This backyard was a tough decision. Pay someone or doing it ourselves?!
After purchasing another home, which might very well be our forever home, at least big enough to start a family – we wanted to really make it our own.

Specifically the backyard, we’ve had two other homes together but never with a big backyard so we wanted to make that a priority. Even though this house had the space for a large patio, it was just a lot of grass….

Be sure to check out the full video below to see how I did it!

About 4 months back I wanted to get a good idea of what I actually “could do” with this space, so I sketched up some plans of what we wanted, after measuring outside…

Of course, after watching a lot of YouTube tutorials and DIY Pinterest boards, my brain was ready to explode with all my ideas but I wanted to keep this simple for us.

It came down to, WHY exactly we wanted the backyard:

We truly wanted a place to entertain our neighbors and friends, host parties for our family but also not over complicating this massive space, leaving plenty of room to expand down the road.

Also, I didn’t want a bunch of grills and sinks out here since the kitchen is inside and less than 20 steps away. Why spend more money if I cook mostly inside, right?

Right off the bat, I knew the bar was going to be the center of attention but wanted to layout to feel big and give folks plenty of room to stand and sit around to have conversations. Decided to go with a 8×8 “L-shaped” style with a 12in lip on one side for the barstools. While the bar is mostly where people would hangout I also wanted to have room to cook and prepare foods/drinks.

Since we already have a smoker and grill, and since my favorite food in life is pizza (like most folks), I always wanted a Brick Oven Pizza! So while I was designing this outdoor patio, I did research on brick ovens. They’re pretty expensive if you have someone install them or even buy a nice one online, north of $3K actually…which seemed crazy to me.

After a lot of research, I took the dive and decided to build it myself. You can watch the full video on YouTube here, but I used the foam mold from which I highly recommend if you’re wanted to DIY. This way is more affordable than anything else.

It was a tough, long job to do this on my own. Sure, I could have paid more money to get a professional to come out but I was confident I could do this myself if I took the time and planned it properly. Of course, with some help from my dad, uncle and the wife here and there, I think it turned out great and exactly what we wanted.

It’s pretty satisfying when I sit out here and just soak it in. Still, weeks later it’s hard to believe this was just a bunch of grass.

I look forward to having people over and starting our own family to get all The Berardo’s out here to cook some pies. Salute!

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