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Dirty 30 Birthday

I already celebrated my Dirty Thirty over 2 years ago, unfortunately. So I really wanted to do for my girlfriend what my friends did for my birthday…make it unforgettable.

Isn’t interesting how a little number like your age can change everything going on in your life. Of course, the age 18 is a big milestone for all of us. 21, I think was everyone’s favorite – if you can remember it. For some maybe 30 is a big deal, for Brenda I could tell about 6mths prior to her birthday she was truly devastated about the number. So I really wanted this to be special for her. I wanted the age of 30 to go down in her memories as a “good number” not a bad one. IMG_1463

I decided to plan a series of events during the week leading up to her birthday weekend. If you ask her today, she’ll tell you I was pretty successful 😉

To finish off the week, I really wanted it to end on a bang! I knew that she didn’t want to go anywhere or really do anything, so I figured I’d bring everything to her. I organized a massive surprise birthday party for her, right behind our house. At the clubhouse actually, where we could gather all her favorite people, food and drinks.

Of course, I didn’t want to just tell her to come to the clubhouse, she’d suspect a surprise party. So instead, her best friend took her out to breakfast in order to distract her while everyone help me set up her themed birthday party at the clubhouse. Even better, right when she got home I put notes all over the house and organized a scavenger hunt where she’ll receive little gives throughout. The last note says, come to the clubhouse…

Oh, I forgot to mention the best part. Before starting the scavenger hunt I left a note on the front door saying “Grab the GoPro and start recording.” Yep, you should know me by now – I record everything! So as she’s doing the scavenger hunt, she’s recording everything even when she gets surprised at the clubhouse.


If you haven’t guessed yet, she loves Beauty & The Beast so I made her party themed and the scavenger hunt was filled with roses! Check out the video!


I could tell you all about it – but it’ll be better if you see the video yourself. I actually combined all the videos of me preparing her party, the gifts that I gave her leading up to the party – everything! CLICK HERE to see it!

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