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#31 | Dealing With Crohn’s

Since I started a podcast, I’ve gone back and forth whether or not to do an entire episode on Crohn’s disease, which I was diagnosed with about 3 years. Then, just the other day I was hospitalized for it (again) so I wanted to share the experience. I felt it wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t inform my listeners of this since most of my podcast is revolving around living a happier, healthier lifestyle.

On this episode, I talk a little bit on how I got the disease, if there’s a treatment for it, how it happened and more importantly, I want to shine some light on the simple fact that anyone COULD be showing early symptoms of this and if not treated, could have issues down the road.

Enjoy the episode and please leave a comment if you got value out this episode, I love to know what you guys think. Visit for photos, episodes and more.

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