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#93 | Creating For Now

This episode I chat with friend and owner of BluePrint Productions, Ben Mangum. Today we briefly chat about how much video has grown over the years and especially because of COVID, small businesses should be spending extra time and energy promoting their business by getting content out, now.

Ben’s company has created some great content for local businesses here in Florida so he might be able to help you as well, even if you don’t run a business.

Check out his website here or follow Ben on Instagram to find out more.

On this episode I also touch base on Ecamm Live, which is a platform I’ve been using for all my podcasts lately, including the video and streaming. It’s an all in one Application that allows you to go LIVE on various platforms at once, record audio/video locally and even have on guests, like on this episode. If you have a Mac, click here for a free trial.

This podcast is on all platforms, even YouTube, check out the video below.

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