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Learning About Climate Change

Most of my life I’ve been pretty healthy, always researching the best ways to workout and eat. Ironically though, I was never worried too much about our planets health. I guess we all just wake up and assume everything will be fine today, as well as when we’re long gone.

Most recently I’ve learned a lot about how us humans have been impacting the Earth and if we don’t act now, it might not be “ok” to live here when you and I are long gone.

Founders Thais Lopez Vogel & David Vogel

So in order to educate myself further, I sat down with the founders of the VoLo Foundation, a non-profit organization out of Florida. We talked about their science-driven data on our impact to Earth, the side effects and what we need to do today to change the climate.

Join me in the conversation by watching the full episode (above) on YouTube or use your mobile device to listen to our podcast with the VoLo Foundation.

Visit for the full episode and feel free to follow the foundations research at

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