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#44 | Climate Correction

For most of my adult life I’ve spent time researching the correct way to workout and eat but when it comes to our planet I was only knowledgable on the stuff I was taught in grade school but since then, the world has changed drastically. I realized I was thinking about the health of myself more than the Earth and I wanted to change that. So in order to educate myself on the topic, I wanted to talk to some experts about the impacts us humans have had on the Earth.

On this episode, I sit down the founders of The Volo Foundation, David Vogel and Thais Lopez Vogel to discuss their data driven research and how they’re educating the youth of our planet in the simplest form possible. More importantly if we don’t act now and change our behavior dramatically, in less than 20 years Earth not be the place we know today.

You can watch the full episode on YouTube or visit, in the video David shows us numerous slides that are important to the subject matter we discussed on this episode.

Check out the foundation on Instagram or for more info or go directly to their website: VoloFoundation.Org

We plan to do another podcast with the foundation LIVE at the UCF Arena in Orlando, FL during an Annual Climate Correction conference, check out the details on how you can get involved by visiting The VoLo Foundation YouTube Channel You can also prebook tickets for this event by visiting:

For all my episodes, I’ve been using multiple cameras and recording equipment, if you want to know all my gear check out my KIT website.

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