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#52 | Calm Down Bro

After having another Crohn’s flare up, I really started reevaluating what I’m doing. In years past, I thought only eating right would help calm this disease down, it doesn’t. Sometimes these flare ups might be caused by stress, even if you don’t think you’re stressed. More often than not, it happens just because the disease feels like acting up (so my doctor says). After this last hospital visit, I started thinking what I’m doing and how stressful it could potentially be on my body. I have a full time job, a blog, I workout almost everyday, I manage have two homes to manage and I host a podcast, I really need to slow down, do a little less and be calm.

This episode I rant quickly about how stress and over working can take a toll on someone and after not posting an episode for a few weeks, I really just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.

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