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I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while. You’ve probably heard other people say this by know but I feel like it’s only talked about as a trend…“buy local, shop at the farmers market, become vegan, etc.”

How many of you shrug your shoulders when people preach that? It’s okay, I did too.

But for over a year now, I’m proud to say I’ve cut out all meat and I’ve been buying from local farmers. Dairy? Yea, I don’t do that either. So I guess I’m pretty close to Vegan but as much as I believe in stopping animal cruelty, I mainly made the switch for health reasons (more details in an upcoming post, maybe). For those of us that are not a fan of eating Vegan, I encourage each of you to at least Buy Local.

The farmers industry is hurting and big companies want to produce ‘what we aggressively demand’ faster and cheaper for them. Which means they pump our foods and liquids with tons of chemicals to preserve it for longer, even the Honey your buy at the grocery store isn’t REAL HONEY! Look at the ingredients, it’ll shock you.

But even if you’re OK with all that and don’t really care what’s in your food or where it comes from, at least BUY LOCAL for an important reason for all of us… IT’S CHEAPER!

True story. 

Shopping at your local Farmers Market is a great way to save a ton of money on foods you actually need. Fruits, Vegetables, Dressings, Coffee and yes, even REAL HONEY!

Matter of fact, I just posted a video on my YOU TUBE CHANNEL on my weekly adventures to my local Farmers Market. I was able to get all my weekly fruits, veggies and essentials for less than $30 and that’ll cover myself and the Mrs for about 10 days!

How much do you spend on groceries? 

Check out the full video HERE and be sure to support your local farmers! Remember, we decide the food industry and only WE can make the change.

Exhibit A: Why do you think companies started coming out with Gluten Free alternatives? It’s because Sales went down on foods with Gluten, so companies removed it.

Exhibit B: How about eating Dairy Free? Milk sales went down, so companies starting making Milk/Lactose Free alternatives (almond, cashew, soy milk). 

Let’s make these BIG companies beg for us to come back to the stores. Only way we can do that – BUY LOCAL!

I’ll see you guys this weekend at the Farmers Market! 😉

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