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#83 | Batman Day! Part Two

One of my favorite days of the year, besides my wedding anniversary, it’s Batman Day! Even though this day changes from time to time, this year, in the year of 2020 with so much craziness going on it’ s happening today, September 19th 2020. Plus with everything that was announced at the DC Fandome weeks ago, it’s a perfect time to chat with a couple of my friends that are Batman nerds like I am. 

Warning: This is a super geeky podcast and not normally what I talk about but it sure was fun. We talk movies, the classics and upcoming flicks, along with some history of The Dark Knight. Check out for details.

These were longer than I expected so I made these two part episodes, even thought I could go on with these guys for days on comic books. Enjoy both the podcasts by clicking the links below.

Part One with Nova Jay

Part Two with Jonathan Wisniewski

Follow each of them on Instagram here: Jonathan & Nova 

You can also check out the full video on YouTube or listen wherever you consume podcasts. Thanks for the love and if you enjoy this or any of my other episodes, it would mean the world if you leave a review.

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