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Just Another Birthday?

I just turned 34 years young and it really got me thinking about everything that’s happened this past year. It’s been a wild one for sure with a ton of accomplishments along with some challenges, of course. However, this year was very different.

A lot has changed in a short amount of time, probably the most memorable and exciting is that I have taken a wife, she agreed willingly. Then shortly after that I got promoted at work so we decided to buy our 2nd home in a city which we always wanted to move to. Oh and that all happened within 18 months! Unfortunately, a big downside of our move is we’re now a further away from friends and family but personally speaking, it’s actually given me more time to focus on my work, hobbies and passions.

During this transition, I started a podcast. Even though I’m only 45+ episodes in, I’m learning a ton from each episode and I believe they continue to get better as I grow in this space. On each podcast, I either have a guest on or just do a ‘solo-cast’ where I talk about things that are on my mind – mainly because I don’t want to drive the wife crazy, yet. I even did an episode on turning 34, which I just posted…

You can listen to my podcast episode on my birthday thoughts, just Click Here or watch the full video on YouTube.

Hosting a podcast has given me an interesting (and new) perspective on a lot of things, like human history, our planet, health and wellness, etc. It’s also allowed me to be more open minded and objective instead of thinking I have all the answers – because NEWS FLASH, no one does.

I’ve become extremely passionate about doing these podcasts/blogs weekly, most of the time I like interviewing people much smarter than me to learn more about topics that interest me or I sometimes just have friends and the wife on to discuss what happened that week. I get a lot of pleasure out of this, especially with technology advancing more and more everyday, I feel like we’re spending less time with EACH OTHER, face to face. I believe a large majority of us are worried too much about what OTHER people are doing instead of what WE’RE doing together.

Finding a passion is one of the most important things I believe us humans can do. It separates us from other mammals and intelligent creatures, it’s a totally different skill than our primal instincts – each person could ultimately have a totally different passion and that’s what makes us so unique.

What are you passionate about and more importantly, are you doing it?!

Thank for reading and I hope you get value out of this, if you do please share with friends and family so I can continue to grow my following.

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