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#30 | The Holidaze

After two long semi-stressful holidays, the wife and I do a quick episode following the events of New Years and talk about how tough it’s been getting back in the groove. You could say we’re stuck in a Holidaze! In fact, it was so tough, we did this entire episode in bed and yes we posted a video of it too! You can view the full video here.

Should we do more episodes like these in bed? What do you guys think, leave your comments on my YouTube Channel. Maybe we’ll call them #bedisodes!?

For all my recording devices and equipment you can check out my KIT site but feel free to leave a comment with questions. On this episode you’ll hear me talk about my new gifts to help record audio and video, the GoPro Stand/Selfie Stick and the epic Gear Bag which makes things easy to transport all my podcast and video gear.

Don’t forget about Fit For February, it’s creeping up and we’re doing a fun FREE competition with all my listeners, click here to see the details.

Comments are encouraged ;)

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