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#23 | Time Your Eating

Almost as important as the act of eating, when you eat is important. When we were growing up we’re told Breakfast is the most important meal and you should only have three meals a day. The last few years people say to eat every three hours and have six meals a day? Well, that’s a little different. What’s right and what’s wrong? On this episode I talk about a few pros and cons on all that along with the new thing, intermittent fasting.

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If you enjoy a good read, check out HOW NOT TO DIE. In the book a lot of different ideas are challenged on the American diet and the heath concerns of what we put in our body. Highly recommend.

The articles and information in this podcast were not written by me, so I recommend doing your own research and consulting a physician and/or nutritionist before trying any new fitness routine or eating program. 

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